Topical Anaesthetic Creams


Topical anaesthetic cream is available from your local pharmacy (Boots, Superdrug, Tesco) for any of our procedures including Body Piercings and Implants if you are worried about sensitivity. In-store pharmacys sell 5g tubes for around £5. You can buy 30g tubes online here much cheaper.

Please aim to purchase your anaesthetic cream a minimum of 5 days before your appointment as not all pharmacys keep it in stock!

EMLA and AMETOP are used for any external Piercings and Implants. Orajel can be used for Oral Piercings and Modifications such as Tongue Splits. Always read the instructions included with the product.

Anaesthetic cream is a requirement for Ear Lobe Repair – we will not perform the procedure if you arrive for your appointment without having applied the cream as directed below. Because the cream takes 2 hours to be fully effective, we cannot apply this in the studio as it would double your appointment time.

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Application Instructions


For external application only.
Application time: 2 hours before your appointment
Required: EMLA or AMETOP cream, cling film.
(5g per single implant, 10g for single ear lobe repair, 20g for double ear lobe repair)
Optional: Micropore tape


  1. Thoroughly wash the area(s) with anti-bacterial soap, then dry.
  2. Rub a small amount into the skin. (Front and back if applying to ear lobes).
  3. Liberally apply a visible blob of cream (front and back if applying to ear lobes) – DO NOT RUB THIS IN.
  4. Cover the area with cling film to seal the cream in. The cream has a high evaporation rate and will evaporate quicker than your skin can absorb it if not covered correctly. The cling film will stick to the cream easily to keep it in place – if the cling film doesn’t stick, then you haven’t put enough cream on.
  5. When the cream has been absorbed (ie. the cream is no longer visible) re-apply from step 3 as often as needed. This is usually done at least twice before your appointment and one last top-up when you arrive. The more cream you use, the more numb the area will be!
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