Thank you for your enquiry. Please understand that we have a very long list of people waiting to join us; we get at least one request every day and the amount of people I have to let down breaks my heart.


The real issue is this: even when you are fully trained, the odds of you finding a studio to work in is slim to none. Most studios have only one piercer/mod artist for every four tattooists and they stay there for life. The only way in is dead mans boots. The alternative is opening your own studio for which you’ll need a minimum of £10k to start up. Even then you are competing with whoever was already open in the area and you wont make any money until you pay the bank back – could you live for a year (minimum) with no money?


This industry looks great from the outside, but it’s the hardest job you’ll ever do to make any money. I had an unpaid apprenticeship for 2 years, 6 days a week. Full time – no money. Then opened up my own studio, bank loan, 2 years, still no money. How did I survive? I lived with my parents and then (now ex) husband. I had nothing. As the money started to come in around year 5, I moved my studio, and pumped every penny that came in into advertising, stock, design, printed media, website development. Still not getting paid. Year 7 I actually started getting a wage and now, finally, year 12 I make £Xk a month, but I have to work 7 days a week for it. I will never have time to have children because working for yourself means no holiday pay, no sick pay, and definitely no maternity leave. I can’t go out and drink because of the concentration required and seriousness of the procedures I do here, I can’t risk having a hangover, so no social life.


So truthfully, if you are expanding your business properly, you won’t get paid until year 5+ and you won’t make anything worth your skill until year 10+. It’s literally quicker and cheaper to get a medical degree and become a cosmetic surgeon (which will also pay more right from the start), which honestly if I had known all this myself, is exactly what I would have done. That would have meant paid holidays, the potential to work anywhere in the world and the potential for family. I’m nearly 30 now and this industry has well and truly fucked over most of my life choices. I love my job, but understand that it isn’t just a job, it will become your whole life and will always be the priority in every life decision you have to make.


The harsh reality of it all.
~ Jenova