Genital Beading


Genital beading is a procedure in which one or more implant-grade silicone beads (or strings of beads) are implanted under the foreskin of the penis. These implants can be kept in for life, but they are also easily removed (by a professional only) at a later date if you change your mind.

We have individual silicone genital bead implants available in three sizes 4.75/6.35/7.94mm.
The most popular size is 6.35mm, commonly done as a set of three.

We also have silicone genital bead string implants in two sizes 4.75/6.35mm with a choice of 5/7/11/13 beads per string. The most popular size is 4.75mm on a 7-bead string, giving a total implant length of 35mm.

The two strings pictured above are a 13-bead string at 4.75mm and a 5-bead string at 6.35mm. The strings sizes are relative to each other and as you can see, there is a surprising difference between the two sizes.

Individual Silicone Bead Implants – £90 each
(£60 for each additional bead at the same appointment)
Silicone Bead String Implants – £210 each
(£140 for each additional string at the same appointment)
Silicone Implant Removal – £40 each

All our silicone implants, including our Magnet implants are from Steve Haworth.



It takes around 6 minutes to implant a single bead or bead string. A 2.4mm needle is used for the opening, followed by a taper to the size of the bead, followed by the bead or string itself.

Suture stitches are only necessary for the larger sized beads or strings so a free follow-up appointment may be required around 6 days later. There is also the option to have your sutures removed at a walk-in clinic.
We most commonly use skin closures to ensure neat healing, minimal swelling and to reduce the potential scarring.

The entry point is normally fully closed 5-7 days later and the swelling will dissipate over 3 weeks.
The scarring is usually completely invisible by 3 months.

Optional anaesthetic cream available here (recommended).