We actually left 6 days later than intended. We were sat there, packed, ready and waiting for the phone call. We’d eaten all the food. There was no furniture left, no tv or washing machine anymore. Our landlord and his friend had offered to drive us down as they were doing 2 weeks in Spain anyway. The V5c document that he applied for to use his wife’s estate 6 weeks earlier had not come back.

After 6 days of staring at my phone, it arrived! When we first packed I thought I was really gong to miss the place. After 6 days of silence and nothing I couldn’t bloody wait to leave! I literally could have kept my studio open for another week – gutted!

It’s 1pm – we’re off! Chi’s had her sedative, I’ve had my Valerian root tea, everything fit in the car, remembered the bag of snacks – shiny!

The original plan was to enjoy the adventure, stop at some landmarks along the way, find delicious cheese and wine, enjoy quaint B&Bs etc. Now we are 6 days behind and have to drive it all in one jaunt. 32 hours.

We had 5 toilet/snack/coffee breaks the whole journey. We got the 4.50pm ferry from Dover to Calais (£112 for 4 plus cat). I slept through the last half of France. Woke up in the worst storm I’ve ever driven through. We had to stop. The wind was pushing us off the road and it was pitch black.

Chi was doing quite well apart from refusing all food and water. She stayed on my lap almost the entire journey. Many toll booths later (£100 ish) and petrol refills (£100 ish) we had crossed the border without even realising. We headed for Madrid and it had reached 30 degrees by the time we got there. Bad timing but we needed to get there quickly.
6 hours to go.

Just outside Granada we had our first Carrefour experience. It’s like an Ikea+Argos+Wilkos+Tesco – amazing! Grabbed enough basics for 3 days survival and jumped back in the car (now overloaded with groceries) for the final hour.

It’s 9pm now, but still very light. We pulled up outside. Engine off. Silence. Obviously it’s quiet, we are in a village, but after everything we went through in the last 6 weeks, my mind had tricked me into thinking that there would be balloons, confetti and the final fantasy fanfare on repeat.

I took Chi and the cat supplies up first, found a room, closed the door. Mashed up a tin of tuna with a LOT of water – it was tuna soup now. Added a sedative. Let her out the box and turned it into a litter tray. She was drinking. That’s all I needed to see.

Back to the car, 2 flights of stairs, it’s already empty. They had unloaded in record time. After a ten minute tour and rehydration, our landlord wanted to continue their journey before it got dark. I was suddenly quite scared about being left here, no knowledge of the area, no car, no Spanish, in the middle of nowhere..
Who’s idea was this anyway?!

Luckily I was so distracted by how amazing and shiny our new abode was that I didn’t care for long. Marble floors! A bathroom each! Rooftop terraces! Yes that’s a plural!

We unpacked about half our stuff with the adrenaline of the excitement and then crashed. Ate pizza, drank sangria, went to bed. A new level of exhaustion!


TLDR – It was long and hot, but Chi was fine.

Tune in next time for our experiences with banks, buses and bread! ?