We are currently residing in Güéjar Sierra, a tiny mountain village. We are about 1100m above sea level amongst a population of just 3000. Above us is Sierra Nevada, a popular and quite famous ski resort. Below us is the beautiful Canales reservoir, built in 1988.

I’ll be honest, there’s not much here, but that’s the appeal! After 13 years of living in a city with a population of about 350k, hearing sirens most nights, air pollution, traffic and general city rudeness, this place is the retreat we needed.

The tap water is from the mountains and there are fountains all over the village to drink from. The air is fresh and there aren’t that many bugs at all, probably due to all the birds (mostly pigeons and swallows from what we can tell). The streets are lit at night and you can just about make out dozens of bats swooping at the moths bouncing off the streetlights.

There are a couple of convenience stores, bakeries, green grocers, hair dressers, several bars and about a dozen small restaurants and hotels. There’s also a single tobacconist, butcher and fishmonger. There are two banks, one police station (that seems to be closed more than its open) and a post office. Most of these are open 9am until 2pm. Some of them reopen 5pm till 8pm.

There are delivery vans that offer various goods. They just drive around the streets honking their horn, if you want something just pop outside. So far we’ve seen a bakery van, gas canister van (our property is all electric) and an ice cream van with an annoyingly addictive jingle!

It’s uphill or downhill wherever you go – there’s very little flat pathway. Secret stairways and shortcuts make it feel like a little adventure even just going to the shop! The pathways and play areas are very clean. There are separate recycling bins on most streets.

You really have to visit to appreciate how different life is here. It’s about 6 hours door-to-door depending how close you are to EMA or BHX. A short flight to Malaga and an hour train (or another flight) to Granada – we’ll meet you in the city.

More info here:

Guejar Sierra – A Hidden Paradise