Genital beading (or genital pearling as it’s sometimes called) is a procedure in which one or more implant-grade silicone beads (or strings of beads) are implanted under the foreskin of the penis. These implants can be kept in for life, but they are also easily removed (by a professional only) at a later date if you change your mind.

We have individual silicone genital bead implants available in two diameter sizes, 4.75mm and 6.35mm (most commonly implanted as a set of three vertically along the shaft).

Genital beading uk

We also have silicone genital bead string implants in two diameter sizes, 4.75mm and 6.35mm with a choice of 5 or 7 beads per string. Beads strings are implanted horizontally (around the shaft, not along it).
4.75mm on a 5-bead string gives a total implant length of 25mm.
4.75mm x 5 (length of 24mm)
4.75mm x 7 (length of 35mm)
6.35mm x 5 (length of 33mm)

The two strings pictured here are a 7-bead string at 4.75mm and a 5-bead string at 6.35mm. The strings sizes are relative to each other and as you can see, there is a difference between the two sizes.

We also have silicone rib implants available:
25mm length (3.2mm thickness at the centre bead)
35mm length (4.3mm thickness at the centre bead)
45mm length (5.5mm thickness at the centre bead)

Size Recommendations


To find your maximum length of Bead String or Rib, use a tape measure to measure the girth of your penis when flacid. Divide the measurement by 3 and that is the maximum length of the implant that can be fitted.

For example if your girth is 100mm then the maximum length of implant is 33mm.

We recommend 6.35mm thickness for the average size penis. However, if these are your first implants or you are unsure then go for the 4.75mm thickness.

As far as effectiveness goes, we find 3 Bead Strings (of 6.35) along the top of the shaft to be the most effective arrangment of implants.



No consultation needed. It takes around 6 minutes to implant a single bead or bead string. An appointment for 8 beads/strings/ribs is about an hour. As long as you use the anaesthetic cream (purchase here) as instructed, you won’t feel anything.

The suture stitches will need to be removed at 10 days, either by yourself (very easy) or at a walk-in centre.

No sexual activity for 2 weeks. Use salt water solution twice a day for 2 weeks to prevent infection.

Genital Beading Prices


Individual Silicone Bead Implants – £90 each
(£60 for each additional bead at the same appointment)
(Minimum 3 beads)
Three Beads – £270 £210
Four Beads – £360 £270
Five Beads – £450 £330
Ten Beads – £900 £630

Silicone Bead String Implants – £210 each
(£140 for each additional string at the same appointment)
One Bead String – £210
Two Bead Strings – £420 £350
Three Bead Strings – £630 £490

Silicone Rib Implants – £240 each
(£160 for each additional rib at the same appointment)
One Rib – £240
Two Ribs – £480 £400
Three Ribs – £720 £560

Silicone Implant Removal – £50 each
(£20 for each additional)