Genital beading (or genital pearling as it’s sometimes called) is a procedure in which one or more implant-grade silicone strings of beads are implanted under the foreskin of the penis. These implants can be kept in for life, but they are also easily removed (by a professional only) at a later date if you change your mind.

We have silicone genital bead string implants in the two diameter sizes, 4.75mm and 6.35mm with 5 beads per string. Beads strings are implanted horizontally (around the shaft, not along it). The 4.75mm string has a total implant length of 25mm. The 6.35mm is 33mm.



No consultation needed. It takes around 6 minutes to implant a bead string. An appointment for 4 bead strings is about half an hour. As far as effectiveness goes, we find 3 strings (of 6.35) along the top, or underneath, to be the most effective arrangement of implants.

A £100 deposit is required upon booking an appointment. If you reschedule with less than 7 days notice (or fail to attend) you will lose your deposit.

YOU MUST USE the anaesthetic cream (purchase here) as instructed or we will not perform the procedure! If you arrive without the cream applied you will lose your deposit.

The suture stitches will need to be removed at 10 days, either by yourself (very easy) or at a walk-in centre.

No sexual activity for 4 weeks. Use salt water solution twice a day for 2 weeks to prevent infection.

Genital Beading Prices


Silicone Bead String Implants – £310 each
(£240 for each additional string at the same appointment)
One Bead String – £310
Two Bead Strings – £620 £550
Three Bead Strings – £930 £790
Four Bead Strings – £1240 £1000

Silicone Implant Removal – £70 each
(£50 for each additional)