We offer gold-plated neodymium (rare earth) magnet implants that have been coated in implant-grade silicone made by Steve Haworth.

Our v2 implantable magnet is only 2.5mm x 4.2mm in size and is 20% stronger than the v1. The most common placement is in your fingertip, specifically the tip of your ring finger, however these can be implanted in any area of soft tissue that has a minimal fat layer.

Neodymium Magnet implants, sometimes referred to as a magnetic implant or biomagnet, can have all sorts of useful applications. Mechanics can use them to find lost or hard to reach screws, electricians can use them to detect live wires without touching them and therefore prevent electric shocks, jewellery makers can use them to locate dropped beads or findings. It’s also just super cool and many people have them done purely for the novelty aspect of being able to pick up small magnetic metal objects (specifically ferrous metals such as iron). Having a magnet implanted gives you extra sensory capabilities and will allow you to feel electrical fields near power outlets, generators and pylons.

Magnet implants and other biohacking implantable devices such as NFC RFID chips are becoming more popular thanks to the growing grinder and body hackers community. This procedure is considered an early Transhumanist or H+ advancement in the world of biotechnology and transhumanism.



It takes around 2 minutes to make the 1cm incision and insert the magnet under the skin.

The incision is normally fully closed around 10 days later and the swelling will dissipate over 3 weeks. It is important not to use your magnet for 4 weeks otherwise you risk rejection by pulling it through the weakened area of insertion.
The scarring is usually completely invisible by 3 months.

Anaesthetic cream available here (highly recommended).