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My Journey

My yoga journey started the same way as most in these modern times; Yoga with Adriene. About 8 years ago, with my business booming, I was working 7 days a week and wanted a simple way to be more active, more flexible and more peaceful.

I had no idea how this was about to change my life forever.




I was previously a Body Modification Artist for 18 years. I have done over 40,000 piercings, implants and procedures including 3500+ reconstructions and eventually became internationally recognised as a specialist in Ear Lobe Reconstruction and Biohacking. I have had a few tv and radio appearances including BBC1, Channel 4 and BBCRadio1 – like this one here. My career highlight was being asked to headline the Manchester Science Festival in October 2018 which was documented here.

Find more of my story on my youtube channel.