We offer the xEM RFID (125kHz / 134kHz) microchip implant for £110.

The xEM includes a 125KHz ATA5577 chip set, which is programmed as a EM4200 / EM4102 day. Inside the chip set is embedded in a 2x12mm cylindrical bio-compatible sterile glass shell which is already preloaded in the implant syringe.

It is compatible with older digital locks. These are also available at 134KHz. They can NOT be read by an NFC smartphone or device. If you are looking for the NFC compatible implant you need our NFC Implant.

The chip uses RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) and this only works within a short distance (1-2mm). This chip cannot be used to track people, or for any other form of surveillance. It is not possible.

NFC RFID chips and other biohacking implantable devices such as Magnet implants are becoming more popular thanks to the growing grinder and body hackers community. This procedure is considered an early Transhumanist or H+ advancement in the world of biotechnology and transhumanism.

Microchip Duo Set – xNT + xEM (Includes Diagnostic Tool) – £230
Cyborg Set – xNT + xEM + Magnet Implant (+Diagnostic Tool) – £350


RFID microchip implant insertion takes less than 10 seconds via a needle syringe delivery system.

Suture stitches are not necessary for the procedure so a follow-up appointment is not required.
We use skin closures to ensure neat healing, minimal swelling and to reduce the potential scarring.

The insertion hole is normally fully closed 2-3 days later and the swelling will dissipate over 2 weeks.
The insertion scar is usually completely invisible by 2 months.

xEM Specifications

  • 125KHz ATA5577 programmed as EM4299 / EM4102 day
  • Pre-programmed with a unique 40bit ID number
  • Contained in 2x12mm cylindrical bio-compatible unbreakable glass
  • Read / Write ATA5577 provides “tag emulation” and “Cloning” options
  • Works with many older digital door locks and RFID read / write devices