Privacy Policy

‘We’ and ‘our’ refers to Jenova Rain, employees and associates of Jenova Rain and anyone acting on behalf of Jenova Rain.

1. We collect data from you in six different ways:

1.1 Our appointment grid.

Our appointment grid is run by a WordPress plugin called “Appointments+” from project WPMU DEV  by Incsub.  The plugin uses cookies to allow our customers to manage (create and cancel) their own appointments. The information is stored within WordPress and synced with Google Calendar for staff schedule management. The data is never shared with any other parties.

1.2 Our consent forms.

Our paper consent form is required to be filled out at the clinic when you arrive at your appointment. There are “yes and no” health questions and sections for your name, date of birth, address and signature to consent to your chosen procedure. These forms are stored at the clinic and your personal data is never passed on to any other parties.

1.3 Enquiry messages (including, but not limited to email, SMS, MMS, Whatsapp, Facebook Pages inbox).

When our customers send us an enquiry, sometimes that data is processed to allow us to manually book appointments. The information in the message is only stored on the platform on which it is sent (Gmail, Whatsapp, Facebook etc) and you can review their privacy policies on their websites should you wish to. This data is never shared with any other parties.

1.4 Deposits and payments (PayPal).

When our customers make a payment to us using PayPal, we receive their PayPal email address in an email confirmation of the payment. This information is protected by PayPal and you can read their privacy policy here. The payment data is processed for tax purposes but the personal data (name, email) is not shared with any other parties.

1.5 Photos before and after your procedure.

For certain procedures that we offer, photos are required upon booking an appointment so that we can assess the suitability of the procedure. The photos are stored in secure cloud storage hosted by Gdrive and you can read their privacy policy here. We also take photos before, during and after the procedure for our portfolio. We process these photos into a healing timeline image to allow potential customers to see the average healing time and the quality of our work. Our images are shared publicly, but anonymously and can be removed and/or deleted upon request via email to [email protected]. The images may be shared on (but not limited to) our website, tumblr, twitter, facebook and instagram.

1.6 Website usage data.

We use Google Analytics which uses cookies to track website usage. This enables us to make improvements to the layout and functionality of our website to make our services even easier to use and to improve our marketing accuracy.