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In 18 years, I have done over 40,000 piercings, implants and procedures including 3500+ reconstructions and eventually became internationally recognised as a specialist in Ear Lobe Reconstruction and Biohacking. I have had clients travel to me from almost any country you can name! I freelanced in many studios across the UK as well as owning 4 myself. I am lucky to have had the privilege of many TV and radio appearances including BBC1, Channel 4 and BBCRadio1 – like this one here. A personal favourite career highlight was being asked to headline the Manchester Science Festival in October 2018 which was brilliantly documented here.

I started by completing a two-year apprenticeship in Body Piercing from 2005-07 at White Orchid in Melton Mowbray. From 2007 to 2010 I owned two Body Piercing studios (Hamilton and Rushey Mead). In 2011 I opened a Tattoo and Piercing studio (Emporium) on the outskirts of Leicester with two tattooists and two apprentices.

In 2013 I opened my fourth studio in Leicester, this time right in the city centre and I worked there on my own as a Body Modification Artist happily for 4 years. I created a new procedure for Ear Lobe Reconstruction and I was the first Biohacker in the UK.

In June 2017 I emigrated to Spain and relocated my services to an Advanced Aesthetics specialist (DLS Clinic in Leicester) so I could fly back to the UK 8 days a month for Ear Lobe Reconstruction and Biohacking appointments. This was immensely popular and I was fully booked for every trip for over 2 years.

Then, overnight, everything was suspended by the Pandemic in March 2020. I occupied my time making mixed reality Beat Saber (a VR game) videos using a green screen for my channel. 

The rest of my story is on my YouTube channel – hours and hours of it!

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