I completed a two year apprenticeship in Body Piercing from 2005-07 at White Orchid in Melton Mowbray. From 2007 to 2010 I owned two Body Piercing studios (Hamilton and Rushey Mead). In 2011 I opened a Tattoo and Piercing studio (Emporium) on the outskirts of Leicester with two tattooists and two apprentices.

In 2013 I opened my fourth studio in Leicester, this time right in the city centre and I worked there on my own as a Body Modification Artist happily for 4 years. I created a new procedure for Ear Lobe Reconstruction and I was the first Biohacker in the UK.

In June 2017 I emigrated to Spain and relocated my services to an Advanced Aesthetics specialist (DLS Clinic in Leicester) so I could fly back to the UK 8 days a month for Ear Lobe Reconstruction and Biohacking appointments. This was immensely popular and I was fully booked for every trip for over 2 years. Then, overnight, everything was suspended by the Pandemic and I’m yet to re-stabilise my services.

In 17 years, I have done over 40,000 piercings, implants and procedures including 3500+ reconstructions and eventually became internationally recognised as a specialist in Ear Lobe Reconstruction and Biohacking. I have had clients travel to me from almost any country you can name! I freelanced in many studios across the UK as well as owning 4 myself. I am lucky to have had the privilege of many tv and radio appearances including BBC1, Channel 4 and BBCRadio1 – like this one here. A personal favourite career highlight was being asked to headline the Manchester Science Festival in October 2018 which was brilliantly documented here

The rest of my story is on my youtube channel. Hours and hours of it!

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