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It started with a two-year apprenticeship in 2005 for Body Piercing that led to beta-testing internationally developed cybernetic implants as a Biohacker. I have always been interested in science, science fiction and technology. When the opportunity arose to advance human capabilities using my acquired skills alongside one of the greatest implantable tech developers in the world, I jumped at the chance. However, in 2020 humanity hit a global pandemic that halted my work and in 2021 the UK made Body Modification illegal (by removing insurance options) which effectively terminated my 15-year career.

In those 15 years, I performed over 40,000 piercings, implants and procedures including 3500+ reconstructions and eventually became internationally recognised as a specialist in Ear Lobe Reconstruction and Biohacking. I have had clients travel to me from almost any country you can name. I freelanced in many studios across the UK and owned 4 myself. I am lucky to have had the privilege of many TV and radio appearances including BBC1, Channel 4 and BBCRadio1 – like this one here. A personal favourite career highlight was being asked to headline the Manchester Science Festival in October 2018 which was brilliantly documented here.

Then, overnight, everything was suspended by the Pandemic in March 2020. I occupied my time making mixed reality Beat Saber (a VR game) videos using a green screen for my channel.

With an academic background in Psychology and Biology, I retrained in Yoga in the context of Mental Health. I recently qualified in Counselling and I’m currently studying to be a Personal Nutritionist as I believe exercise, therapy and nutrition are intrinsically linked. I am in the process of constructing classes for Trauma Recovery (aimed at cPTSD and PTSD sufferers) designed to reconnect the body and mind. These body-based holistic classes draw on many disciplines: breathwork, reiki, polyvagal nerve theory, somatic practices, yoga nidra, neuroscience, nutrition, ecstatic dance, meditation and sound healing. I offer one-to-one online sessions for Trauma Recovery Coaching and I’m writing a self-help book intended as a roadmap for navigating trauma.

The rest of my story is on my YouTube channel – hours and hours of it!

Thanks for reading x