Biohacking can refer to many things; one is implantable technology. A range of high-frequency (NFC) and low-frequency microchip implants can be nearly infinitely rewritten with phone apps to suit your needs. Most operate as a digital key, password or fob simulator to access.. well anything really – your car, your house, a safe, your PC, anything you could want to ‘unlock’. Some operate as a card clone for transport services or to make payments – got an Oyster card? Or a prepaid digital wallet? Or cryptocurrency? The sky’s the limit. The future is here.

In less than 3 seconds (and healed in less than a week) you can have an injectable microchip implant inserted into the back of your hand, between your thumb and forefinger. It’s less invasive than any body piercing and heals much quicker because there’s no hole left open (think about how piercing jewellery remains half in, half out of the skin and therefore takes a minimum of 6 weeks to heal). There are many videos of implantation on my YouTube channel. Easily removed or replaced.

Check out my biohacking podcast BIOSHACK here.

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VivoKey SPARKv2 Microchip Implant – £160

NExT Microchip Implant – £145

xDF2 Microchip Implant – £190

xLED Microchip Implant – £105

xBT Microchip Implant – £95

xNT  Microchip Implant – £125
xEM 125kHz  Microchip Implant – £105
134kHz Microchip Implant – £80
xM1+ Microchip Implant – £160

FlexNT – £330
FlexDF EV1 – £340
FlexDF EV2 – £370
FlexM1 – £360

VivoKey Flex One Beta – £500

Utility Accessories

Diagnostic Tool Card – £20
xLED Field Tester Card – £15


Have ANY two microchips at the same appointment and save £40!

NExT + SPARKv2 – £305 £265
NExT + xDF2 – £335 £295
SPARKv2 + xLED – £265 £225

These implants are available for implantation in our clinic only.
We will not ship them.
All prices include implantation!