The FlexDF microchip implant is a type 4 NFC MIFARE DESFire EV1 chip and is generally used for cloning transport cards. 

This chip platform is ideal for service providers wanting to use secure multi-application smart cards in public transport schemes, access management or closed-loop e-payment applications as it can hold up to 28 different applications and 32 files per application.

Cardholders can experience convenient contactless ticketing while also having the possibility to use the same device for related applications such as payment at vending machines, access control or event ticketing. In other words, the MIFARE DESFire EV1 silicon solution offers enhanced consumer-friendly system design, in combination with security and reliability.”

If you are looking for the cheaper glass capsule version of the same chip spec (but with lower read range) it’s available here.




  • 13.56MHz ISO14443A & NFC Type 4 DESFire EV1 RFID chip
  • 10x22x0.5mm flexible biopolymer implant package
  • Fully NFC Type 4 compliant – compatible with all NFC devices
  • ISO14443A – compatible with all ISO14443A RFID systems



The FlexDF microchip implant insertion takes around ten minutes via scalpel incision. We use non-dissolvable suture stitches to close the 8mm opening which will need to be removed around 8 days later. The swelling will dissipate over 2 weeks.

We recommend the use of topical anaesthetic for this procedure – full details here.