VivoKey Flex One


We have the VivoKey Flex One microchip implant from Vivo Technologies and will be taking bookings very soon.

The VivoKey Flex One is the ultimate cryptobionic platform for digital identity, cryptography, and blockchain applications secured in a subdermal NFC implant.” – VivoKey Technologies

Once you have your Flex One installed, install the Fidesmo app on your Android device. Scan your VivoKey Flex One, and you will see a list of supported applets you can use. Applets are available from multiple vendors on the Fidesmo platform, and VivoKey also publishes their own applets such as our OTP applet and our NDEF applet.

Release dates and BETA testing updates announced on our Facebook page and YouTube channel!



  • Implantable 8mm x 38mm x 0.4mm secure element smart card
  • JCOP 3 OS supporting Java Card 3.0.4 applets on 144 KB EEPROM
  • Common Criteria EAL 6+ and other national certification schemes
  • User friendly applet store provided via Fidesmo



The VivoKey Flex One microchip implant insertion takes around ten minutes via scalpel incision. We use non-dissolvable suture stitches to close the 8mm opening which will need to be removed around 8 days later. The swelling will dissipate over 2 weeks.

We recommend the use of topical anaesthetic for this procedure – full details here.