The xBT Bio-Thermo ‘LifeChip’ is a 134kHz read-only microchip implant with a temperature sensor. The xBT reports a simple 38-digit ID number which works with any FDX-B tag reader, and can also transmit temperature sensor data to a compatible Bio-Thermo reader.

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  • 134kHz FDX-B Bio-Thermo LifeChip RFID tag
  • Pre-programmed 38 bit unique read-only ID number
  • Encased in 2x12mm USP grade lead-free borosilicate with BioBond coating
  • Will read and report temperatures between 23.5C and … TBD



The xBT microchip implant insertion takes less than 10 seconds via a needle syringe delivery system. The best installation location for the xBT tested so far has been in the skin near the arm pit, but not actually in the fold of the arm pit.

Typically, our x-series transponders are installed into the webbing between the metacarpal bones of the index finger and thumb, resting parallel to the index metacarpal. However, the xBT’s thermal sensor provides the most stable output when installed away from extremities and closer to the core of the body. Temperature in the hands and arms can fluctuate rapidly with changes in surrounding ambient temperature, and are not ideal for recording stable thermal readings.”

The insertion hole is normally fully closed 2-3 days later and the swelling will dissipate over 2 weeks.
The insertion scar is usually completely invisible by 2 months.