So I just did my first stint back in the UK after 9 months; 10 emotional days seeing old friends, making new ones and visiting my family for the first time since I moved to Spain.

Here’s a little summary, I’ll try to keep it short.

DLS Clinic leicester

DLS Clinic

Through an amazingly lucky series of events, I have found a new home for my business at the DLS Clinic in Groby (on the outskirts of Leicester). For the first time in my career I’m actually able to move away from the toxicity of the Tattoo and Piercing industry, away from the constant bitching of my “rivals” (joke: y’all don’t even come close) and away from an environment that nearly made me give it all up.

As I nervously tried to find my place in this already well-established clinic, I was made to feel really at home with an endless and varied hot beverage supply and free beauty treatments – THE WAYS TO MY HEART! I had facials, an eyelash lift and they sculpted my ass with a vacuum! (No, really, it looks like I’ve done a thousand squats – here look at this!)

Did you actually think that was going to be a bum pic? #sorrynotsorry
Even after just a week, I feel settled and motivated with my new all-female crew <3




Ear Lobe Reconstruction UK

Ear Lobe Reconstruction

I had done a lot of Ear Lobe Reconstructions over 6 years in my own studios in Leicester, but I was still piercing 90% of the time. Now I’m dedicating myself to ELR so I can endeavor to master the skill. However, I’m still offering Magnet and NFC implants (because they take ten minutes to do and I have people travel from all over the world for them).

In March I did 30+ reconstructions over 7 days, which considering I used to do about 3 per week is pretty record-breaking. Within that week, I only had one customer actually from Leicester (from the Leicester Mercury – stay tuned for that article!) Everyone else was from Essex, Oldbury, Mansfield, Cheltenham, Kent, Wales, Portsmouth and more! Only 2 no-shows. What an amazing result! Huge thanks to those who patiently waited 9 months for my return – genuinely an honour!

I’m almost fully booked for April and I’ve taken about 10 bookings already for May.
The remaining appointment dates can be viewed here.



You can check out the DLS Facebook page here and a full list of all our advanced facial aesthetics, body sculpting and laser treatments can be found on the website.

Thanks for reading, I’ll see some of you next week!

– Jenova