Ear Lobe Reconstruction, Repair & Reduction

Do you need ear lobe repair for damaged, stretched ears? Do you need your stretched ear lobe holes stitched closed for an army application? Have your heavy earrings migrated and split your ear lobes? Do you feel like your ear lobes are too long?

We can remove the stretched hole completely by sewing up the ear lobe through reconstruction as shown in my portfolio here. Alternatively, we can repair stretched ear lobes (that have been split or weakened) by removing the damaged tissue and stitching the healthy tissue together. This will shrink the current size of the hole, but will allow you to stretch further once fully healed. We can also remove ear piercing holes that haven’t been stretched. We also offer Ear Lobe Reduction for elongated ear lobes (this can only be booked via email contact).

Full Procedure Details


It is advised that you eat before your appointment. I also recommend bringing someone with you if possible so that you aren’t alone for the journey back (in case of light-headedness, dizzyness or nausea – common if you haven’t eaten enough). If you are planning on driving, I recommend having someone else drive you home.

You must purchase your anaesthetic cream in advance (we recommend two weeks) and apply it on the day of your appointment exactly as directed here. If you arrive at your appointment without your cream applied we will not perform the procedure!

Please ensure that your hair is tied up out of the way; use as many grips, clips and slides as necessary depending on your hair length. We advise a high ponytail or top bun as you will be lying on your back.

Non-absorbable suture stitches are used in this procedure. You can book in at your local GP or visit a walk-in clinic to have the stitches removed after 10 days. Many of my clients have removed their stitches themselves, but if you have any doubts about your ability to do this then please go to your nearest walk-in clinic as it only takes 5 minutes to remove them. Why do we use non-absorbable sutures – click here.

To achieve the most natural result, you must remove the jewellery from the damaged area for a minimum of six weeks before the procedure (only if the hole is bigger than 6mm). If your holes are 30mm+ you need to leave your jewellery out for a minimum of ten weeks – why is this? Click here for more information. The longer you can leave them out, the better the result will be. We will not be able to perform the procedure if you have only removed your tunnels on the day of your appointment (and yes, we will be able to tell).

We need to see photos of your ear lobe(s) before you book your appointment to confirm procedure suitability (please email them to [email protected]). Please read your appointment confirmation email very carefully. If you are under 18 years old, you must bring a parent/guardian to your appointment.

The scarring will dissipate over 12 months. Bio-oil or similar can be applied overnight (only after the sutures are removed and the skin has completely healed) to reduce the scarring.

If you want to have your ears re-pierced you can do so after 6 weeks (needle piercing only, not gun). Re-stretching your ears after this procedure will be very difficult and will likely take twice as long, if not longer, due to the scar tissue.

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If you have two holes or splits on the same ear (Twin Split) the cost is £390.

As ear lobe reconstruction procedures are no longer offered on the NHS the only alternatives are private cosmetic surgeries or body modification studios. Private cosmetic surgery prices range from £700 to £1500 per ear lobe and is completely financially unfeasible for most people. We use the exact same equipment, sterilisation methods and procedure methods here, except we aren’t out to rip you off! There’s a reason cosmetic surgeons drive Porsches!

There are many reasons people consider having ear lobe reconstruction, especially as it’s such a quick and easy surgical procedure. Some people, having intentionally stretched their ear lobes to wear tunnels, plugs or stretchers, later find themselves looking for work in industries were this modification is unsafe or simply not allowed and therefore need to have their lobes stitched up. Others may have unintentionally stretched their lobes after decades of wearing heavy, dangly earrings. This can result in elongated lobe piercing holes or in some cases, if the jewellery has migrated (grown out) far enough, can split the lobe completely. We have ear lobe reconstruction options for all causes, types and shapes of damaged ears that simply involves having the ear lobe sewn up.