I got my earlobes reconstructed by Jenova 2 days ago. So, here is a long rambling review about my experience…
I’d had stretched ears for almost 8 years, and for around 4 of those years, I had hated my stretched lobes, after the initial stretching, and reaching 42mm at my biggest, I’d began to resent the way they looked, and my choice to stretch them in the first place.
Naturally, my first choice was to seek medical advice from my local GP around 2 years ago, whom referred me to a plastic surgeon, and the was as far as it went, as they didn’t contact me.

I then went on to contact a cosmetic surgeon in Nottingham, who quoted me £1400 to repair my ears, which was, to me, extortionate. I contacted a few other body modification companies, but I wasn’t impressed by their work, or they just seemed to be a bit dodgy…

I then came across Jenova, whilst searching Google, and, impressed by her portfolio, I proceeded to book an appointment for earlobe reconstruction (costing £400, which was very reasonable in comparison to my previous quote)

Fast forward 2 weeks, and I found myself on the way to Leicester, and feeling more nervous than I have ever felt in my life. I arrived at Jenova’s studio, and was greeted with a warm welcome, and a cup of coffee. Was sat outside talking for around half an hour, just nattering about anything and everything, and my nerves seemed to disappear.

My appointment ran over, than initially intended, as I had applied the anaesthetic cream wrong, which delayed the procedure, I did feel a bit stupid, but still, Jenova made me feel at ease, and although I felt like I was inconveniencing her, she was still as lovely as ever. We continued to chat outside, but then, eventually, continued with the procedure.

Now, I seem to think i may have had a slight intolerance to the cream, as I could still feel what was happening, it wasn’t unbearable, just a little uncomfortable…

Fast forward an hour, and she’d finished, and I was overwhelmed with the job she’d done, the shape of my ears where perfect, which was something I’d worried about, as one of my ears was very damaged, but she’d got them identical!

I cannot recommend her enough! And I’m so glad I went to her, instead of some random clinic, just for the sake of getting my ears fixed, as I have no doubt in my mind, I wouldn’t have received the quality of service that I got from Jenova!

2 days into healing, and I feel almost no pain, and my confidence in myself, and appearance has already sky rocketed!
She has done a wonderful job of fixing my ears, and I cannot wait until they’re fully healed!


“If you have any questions about Ear Lobe Reconstruction or if you would like a consultation, please contact myself via the website www.jenova-rain.com or the facebook page. Our full portfolio can be found there too.” – Jenova Rain


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