After attempting to join the RAF, I was told that the small 5mm hole that was what remained of a 14mm stretch I had back as a teenager, was going to be a problem and ultimately would stop my attempt at joining until I had it closed up.
I sought medical advice and after being told that this was a procedure that was no longer covered by the nhs, I decided to go private. One consultation later and a quote for £1123……..yes that’s £224.60 per mm, I was sure that I would be waving goodbye to any idea of joining the RAF.

This is when I found Jenova on Google, I checked out her Facebook page, read all the reviews from people who had received ear lobe reconstruction from her and decided this was almost to good to be true.
So I got in contact, and the very next day, found myself stood in her studio.

Now I will admit, I was pooping myself (not good for a 28yr old man) but Jenova put my mind at rest and at no point was it rushed and everything was explained in detail. In fact she started to draw on the incision line on my lobe, which I could feel the nib of the pen so we slapped on more numbing cream and then ventured back down stairs for a coffee whilst the cream worked its magic.
Forty five minutes later we broke from coffee and conversation and remembered why we were there so headed back up. “It won’t hurt” she said, “yeah right” I thought….. and to be honest… didn’t! (I couldn’t believe it either) the clamps that she uses to reduce blood flow to the section of ear are probably the most uncomfortable part of the whole procedure.
And the final stitch up was clean and looking good. Now 3 months on and all I have left is a fine 2cm scar that’s only noticeable if you know it’s there.

Anyway, I’m rambling on a little here! The point I’m trying to make is, I would highly recommend Jenova to anyone who is thinking of having the procedure done. She’s a cool lady and defiantly worth the price I paid for the job she did (£180 but if you sign in on Facebook the its £175)

And, I’m sure your all dying to know….did it help towards my career path in the raf??…….Yup…….just been offered a place to join, so all round success.

Huge thanks to Jenova rain for all she has done.
Chris Tomkinson.


“If you have any questions about Ear Lobe Reconstruction or if you would like a consultation, please contact myself via the website or the facebook page. Our full portfolio can be found there too.” – Jenova Rain


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