I had left my stretched ear lobes alone for years, ever since I took out the jewellery after reaching 30mm. They healed a little bit, down to around twenty-something, but they were still a problem. Even though I had forgotten about them, I got sick of people poking their fingers through and making comments about them. For years I wanted to get them re-constructed, and when I finally heard about Jenova Rain, I’m glad I didn’t look further. Here is why.

Firstly, the website is efficient and easy to understand. It makes booking an appointment really simple, as all the available times are presented to you on a chart and you just click the time you want and, following a confirmation email, that’s it! I was also impressed that the opening times are ten in the morning until ten at night. The store is in-between two of Leicester’s most well known landmarks; St. Margaret’s bus station and the clock-tower. A long with the sign, this made finding the shop easy.

Jenova was ready for my consultation even though I was ten minutes early. She got me and my Dad a cup of tea and showed us upstairs. She explained everything very thoroughly and in a relaxed, down to Earth manner. I already trusted her. I booked in for a re-construction the following day, using the website. Jenova had specifically said the type and quantity of cream to use on the ears a few hours before, both in person and on paper. It was in my own silliness that I didn’t use a sufficient amount, but luckily it was enough for the operation to go ahead. For this reason, the operation was quite painful, but this was nothing to do with Jenova’s technique. If I had followed the guidelines, as I should have done, it wouldn’t have been painful. I advise anyone considering the surgery to be meticulous about the given instructions. Having said that, the operation went really well.

There really isn’t anything bad to say about it, except the pain, which was a consequence of my own actions. A massive highlight was being able to listen to my own music, as there is good WiFi and Jenova lets you play music from her TV. I went into my own world of Toto and Fleetwood Mac. Throughout the procedure, it was clear Jenova’s attention was solely on my ear-lobes, and that she was dead-set on doing a good job. At one point we chatted about Thailand, but she stopped what she was doing so we could talk. I found this very comforting! The actual operation went reasonably fast, and we also spent some time chatting and drinking tea, which made it relaxed and took my mind off what was happening.

I didn’t get much sleep on the first night after the operation, as I kept waking up to toss and turn. I slept mostly facing up. Over the next two nights, however, it got much easier and I slept well. By the third night I was sleeping fine. After five days most of the blood and scab had gone, probably from using salt water twice a day. Myself and others couldn’t believe how neat they looked, even though the stitches were still inside. It was just a little bit sore, but nothing significant. No throbbing or sharp pain. After a week and a bit, I got my stitches removed. There were punctures but nothing obvious. After seventeen days they looked like normal ears again, except with two subtle marks that will disappear in time with the use of bio-oil.

In case you’re wondering, I am being honest when I say there isn’t a bad comment in this review, because there simply isn’t anything bad to comment on. Everything has been done so professionally and wonderfully, and my ears actually look better than before I started stretching them! Very neat and, when the scarring is gone, it will be impossible to tell I ever had holes there in the first place. And even if I was unhappy with something, Jenova Rain guarantee’s a life time of re-adjustment included in the price. Thanks Jenova Rain!

Jacob Alexander Rose
Rating Review posted on 13 May 2016


“If you have any questions about Ear Lobe Reconstruction or if you would like a consultation, please contact myself via the website www.jenova-rain.com or the facebook page. Our full portfolio can be found there too.” – Jenova Rain


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