There is a huge growing interest and worldwide community for Transhumanism (H+) and the idea of biohacking. For those of you who are new to this idea, Transhumanism is a intellectual movement where people aim to transform their bodies by developing and creating technologies that can enhance human intelligence, psychological capabilities and even their physical capabilities (x-files much?!)

Over the last 5 years, I have started to specialise in implanting magnet implants. Magnetic implants are considered an early Transhumanist or H+ advancement in the world of biotechnology and some people consider this the shape of things to come.

Magnet implants can be implanted almost anywhere in the body, but most people opt to have them installed in the tip of their finger, or somewhere in their hand, where, as you can imagine they are the most useful.

There are many so many industries where people benefit from a magnetic implant, Mechanics can use them to find lost or hard to reach screws, electricians can use them to detect live wires without touching them and therefore prevent electric shocks, jewellery makers can use them to locate dropped beads or findings.

It’s also just cool as fuck and many people have them done purely for the novelty aspect of being able to pick up small magnetic metal objects (specifically ferrous metals such as iron). Having a magnet implanted gives you extra sensory capabilities, a kind of 6th sense if you will, and will allow you to feel electrical fields near power outlets, generators, pylons and even microwaves! You will find yourself hovering your hand over various objects just to feel their magnetic field.

As mentioned above, I have been doing magnetic implants in my studio for 5 years, and I can safely say that the demand for this procedure is increasing. I have done more implants in the last 6 months, than the last 5 years put together!

My most popular implantable magnet is only 2.5mm x 4.2mm in size and is 20% stronger than the v1. The most common placement is in your fingertip, specifically the tip of your ring finger, however these can be implanted in any area of soft tissue that has a minimal fat layer.

I also have larger magnets available from Steve Haworth that are 2.8mm x 7.6mm for £180. These are too large for most fingertips, but if you have large thumbs they will fit just fine. These are much more powerful than the smaller size and are a popular magicians implant for tricks.

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