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Devices are now seen as an inescapable part of life. From smartphones through to wearable tech that tracks your heartbeat (among other things), the vast *vast!) majority of us are at least semi-reliant on technology that exists in tangent with us.


I, for one, wear a FitBit and have done so for over a year. I often fantasise that one day the very same technology which measures my steps, my sleep, my heart rate and my calories out will be wearable not on my person… but in my person. Underneath the skin where it can be forgotten about, until my device – which it communicates with automatically – informs me of my progress.


Sadly, so far, my dream of an internal fitness tracker is but a dream. However, wearing something internally that communicates with tech externally is a reality, as any biohacker will tell you. Human beings are gradually assisting their evolution with science and technology, as the theory of transhumanism said they would, and NFC implants are the next link in the chain.

First, it’s important to determine why you would want such an unusual procedure in the first instance. Some were attracted by the practical elements, while others had an entirely different agenda:


I first realised that I wanted an NFC implant after my friend told me about magnet implants. I went looking for someone to do it for me and found Jenova. I had a look around her site and found NFC and RFID implants were also available. I started researching them and thought it would be a cool way to give people my details when I met them!” Jacob



Transhumanism has long been a huge interest to me, I’m an avid reader of such authors as Alastair Reynolds and Peter F. Hamilton, so any opportunity to augment myself in some small way I leap upon.” Karl


I’ve been a tech guy since working for the Ministry of Defence. Having seen many articles on transhumanism, i decided I’d like to have an NFC chip implanted for one of many uses.” Shane
The practical aspect didn’t attract me, it was more the idea of transcending the constraints of the human body and ‘upgrading’ myself.” Alex


What the implants are used for differs as wildly as the reasons for getting them in the first place:

I teach computer science. As part of this I like to set puzzle challenges such as treasure hunts requiring cryptography, programming and algorithmic skills. My latest one consists of a number of NFC tags hidden around the school, each containing a clue or code. When put together in the right way, the combined codes will provide a link to a new puzzle with the final piece of that puzzle in my hand. The kids are going to have fun getting that bit…” Karl


I use my implant to unlock my phone and unlock my work computer.” Alex

“At the moment I use my implant for sharing my contact details: phone number, name, email, facebook link etc. When you’re on a night out it’s a lot easier to tap a phone to your hand than to type your number into somebody’s phone!”Jacob


I now use it with NFC pro tools for multiple tasks, from password protection on my macs to opening webpages with a swipe under an NFC enabled phone to show people what I’m talking about. I am looking at making it pair with tools when a grip is held, inspired by someone talking about practicalities on guns. A good current use is for personal information, similar to a medi tag in emergency.” Shane


As is the benefit of a reprogrammable chip, which all of the transhumans interviewed had, there are plans for future uses:


I plan to get a door lock which works with NFC, and when it becomes available use it for payment.” Jacob


“I am looking to program it next for use with contactless payment.” Shane
I plan on getting a front door lock for wherever I’m living. I’m also having a look into unlocking my motorbike.” Alex


I occasionally update the puzzle fragments depending on the progress students are making with the rest of the hunt (to adjust for difficulty etc) other than that it’s up to the students to find and scan it. I plan to set up my at-home wifi details so friends can connect instantly.” Karl


For those who are considering getting an NFC implant for themselves, here are some parting words of advice:


Go and get implanted right now. I’d recommend Jen’s studio too. Clean and professional, and a generally wonderful experience.” Karl


“My advice is: do it! I love to tinker and modify technology, and now I am part technology. The chip can be used as a business card, unlock card and data storage, with new ways of using it being created all the time.” Alex


“Do your research, don’t DIY and be prepared.There are many people that are against implants for disproved reasons be it that ‘the government can track you!’ or ‘it’s the mark of the beast – Revelation 13:17’. It was quite unnerving when I first came across people who claimed I had the mark of the devil! You’ve done your research, you know what’s true and what isn’t but there will always be people who will be completely against you on the subject.” Jacob
There is so much tech out there. I’m just grateful that Jenova can give us all the head up on new tech and source it for Grinders to try out!” Shane

“If you have any questions about NFC implants or other body upgrades, please contact myself via the website www.jenova-rain.com or the facebook page. Our full portfolio can be found there too.” – Jenova Rain
Raven Brookes @ The Raven’s Writing Desk