Hey there folks! That 7 months flew by!

We’ve had a whale of a time travelling and exploring. We lived in Granada in the south of Spain for 6 months and have now moved further up the coast to Benidorm near Alicante. Yep, we live about 8 minutes walk from the beach and it’s 21 degrees right now! It’s been a great ride so far; learning to cook all our own food from scratch, battling with language barriers and chasing our cat across the roofs of Guejar Sierra – good times!

Even now, after closing our Leicester studio almost 8 months ago, I’m still getting emails, phone calls and messages on a daily basis from you guys! CRAZY! I’ve now got almost a hundred of you waiting for various procedures so I’m in the process of working a deal with a well-established Leicester city centre studio for 3 days a month – just for you 😉

We’ll only be doing repair treatments for now, prioritising Ear Lobe Reconstructions as some people are on a time limit for job applications and army recruitment dates. Eventually I should be able to squeeze in some Body Piercing, by special request only. The appointment dates will be announced on the facebook page before going live on the appointment grid. The first set of dates are likely (but not guaranteed yet) to be the last weekend of February.

By the end of the year, I hope to have 3 days a month available at a studio space in Benidorm, Spain and also 3 days a month at a studio in Berlin, Germany! It’s all happening! We are still taking bookings for worldwide Biohacking events – blimey!

There have been several advancements in the Biohacking world during my time off, so I’ll be updating the website accordingly with all the new implants available shortly – stay tuned! Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to explore the website anyway as it’s had a beautiful sci-fi make-over <3

Thanks for reading, I’ll see you soon!

Ear Lobe Reconstruction