Biohacking Your Body

Biohacking: augmenting the human body using implantable technology to control bodily functionality or to enable easier interaction with the world around us.

As a species, we have been biohacking our bodies since the 1950s. The first internal pacemaker was implanted in 1958 and contraceptive implants were developed in the 1970s and have been used internationally since 1983.

New upgrades are being continually developed, for example, we offer body upgrades using a range of implantable microchips. You can program the chips yourself with your phone to interact with the world around you. The most popular RFID microchip implant is currently the NExT and it is compatible with almost all NFC devices and smartphones.


It’s here!

VivoKey Spark

Cryptobionic implant securing your VivoKey Digital Identity


A dual-coated neodymium magnet implant


A microchip implant with a temperature sensor


Compatible with almost all NFC devices


NExT and Spark at a bargain combo price!


Become the future; Magnet, Spark and NExT combo set!

xDF2 8k

A DESFire chip implant using the MIFARE platform


An RFID implant  with a 40-digit serial code

VivoKey Flex One

A next-gen microchip implant for the VivoKey platform (BETA)