Who are these classes for?

For any woman who’s ever experienced trauma; child abuse, bullying, body shaming, self-harm, abortion, domestic violence, abandonment, near-death experience, moved school, racism, injury, house fire, natural disasters, miscarriage, court case, neglect, divorce, toxic parenting, waking under anaesthesia, animal attack, car accident, witnessing violence/death, sexual assault, suicide attempt, major surgery, war, poverty or any other type of trauma.

Why are your classes only for women?

I aim to create a safe space for women. A fundamental component of trauma therapy is creating complete safety within the body to allow for the processing and release of trauma. Men are responsible for the majority of assaults against women and therefore the class must be women-only to facilitate an increased state of safety within the body. (Please read the inclusivity statement).

Will you be running any classes for men?

As a woman, no. There are mixed-gendered and men’s-only classes run by other instructors and therapists.

Do I need any Yoga experience?

No, none at all, but if you would feel more comfortable with some beginner’s experience, you can try a quick session at home online – Yoga with Adriene on Youtube.

Do I have to be at a certain fitness level?

Even though the class is two hours long, only around one hour will be physical Yoga asana practice. If you can do ten star jumps then you’ll be fine in these classes.