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Weekly Counselling

It is highly recommended before joining this class that you are attending weekly sessions with either a counsellor or therapist. As the body releases the trauma that has been held inside, in some cases for decades, it can be very distressing, emotional and confusing. It is very important to have a well-established connection to a mental health professional before you begin this step of your journey. It’s also helpful if you can have access to a message-based chat with your therapist for anything that may arise during or after the class.

Rest and Recovery

These classes are run on Fridays and Saturdays to allow for rest in the immediate days after the session. They are also run in the evenings as you will likely need to rest as soon as you arrive home. Try not to make any plans for at least one day after the class.

Food and Drink

It is advisable to eat before the class, but at least an hour before. Bring water with you and have lots of healthy snacks ready for when you get home and the day after. Salads, fruits and soups are a great idea. Drink plenty of water in the following days.


Avoid all stimulants where possible. Minimise caffeine intake, smoking and especially any use of recreational drugs including alcohol. The following few days after the class can be emotionally exhausting and sometimes overwhelming. You can help yourself out in a big way by minimising your use of any substances, taking lots of rest and spending time outside.


Having a notepad and pen handy before and after classes can help organise your thoughts. You may have some conflicting thought patterns or new memories surface; it’s helpful to get these down on paper especially if you can’t get an appointment with your therapist for a few days after the class.